Yakima Flush Roof Bar

The Yakima FlushBar has a signature look that seamlessly integrates with the shape of your modern vehicle. This crossbar with integrated legs has no bar overhang, so your vehicle will look like it came from the factory with FlushBars already installed.

The FlushBar shape maximises strength while minimising drag and reducing noise levels to nearly zero. It accepts almost all of our accessories and cargo boxes for adaptable, multi-sport versatility. 

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(Out of Stock)
(Out of Stock)
  • Black
  • Silver
  • 8050177 (2x 80cm)
  • 8050178 (2x 85cm)
  • 8050179 (2x 90cm)
  • 8050180 (2x 95cm)
  • 8050181 (2x 100cm)
  • 8050182 (2x 105cm)
  • 8050183 (2x 110cm)
  • 8050184 (2x 115m)
  • 8050185 (2x 120cm)
  • 8050186 (2x 125cm)
  • 8050192 (80cm + 85cm)
  • 8050193 (85cm + 90cm)
  • 8050194 (90cm + 95cm)
  • 8050195 (95cm + 100cm)
  • 8050196 (100cm + 105cm)
  • 8050197 (105cm + 110cm)
  • 8050198 (110cm + 115cm)
  • 8050199 (115cm + 120cm)
  • 8050219 (2x 90cm)
  • 8050234 (95cm + 100cm)
  • 8050237 (110cm + 115cm)
  • 8050309 (105cm + 115cm)

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  1. Available in anodised silver or black powder-coated finish
  2. Legs are integrated with the crossbar for a sleek, seamless appearance
  3. Crossbar advanced technology reduces noise and decreases drag substantially
  4. Patented SmartFill™ technology allows for easy install of T-slot style accessories
  5. Anchors to your rooftop with vehicle specific Yakima fitting kits (sold separately)
  6. Easily locks to your vehicle with our SKS system included

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