SCUBAJET PRO Overwater Kit

Whether you are a serious wreck diver or a weekend cruiser, the SJ Pro underwater scooter allows you to effortlessly glide through the ocean at your own speed.

The 1000wh motor and powerful battery can provide hours of fun from just one charge!


Top Speed: up to 7.2km/hr

Charge Time: 3 to 6hrs
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General Info

The SJ PRO is a seriously high quality product and the dive package gives you the freedom of the ocean, check it out in action here!!


If you need any more info then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or even pop down to the shop!





Max Runtime – 

200wh – SUP 20 mins to 2h (cruising 1h), DIVE 20mins to 1.5hr (cruising 50 min)

400wh – SUP 35 mins to 4h (cruising 2h), DIVE 35mins to 2.5hr (cruising 1.5hr)

Charge Time – 200 wh – 2 hours, 400 wh – 4 hours

Weight – 200 wh – 3.2kg, 400 wh – 4.7kg

Length – 200 wh – 43cm, 400 wh – 61cm

Motor Power – 1000w

Maximum depth rating – 60m – 197ft

Light – Nose light available as an extra – 500 or 1500 lumen

Buoyancy – 200 wh – 1kg negative, 400 wh – 2kg negative

Additional Info

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