Sit-On-Top Kayak Trolley

Sit-On-Top Kayak Trolley


The Riber Sit on Top Kayak Trolley is the ideal solution for all sit on top kayaks. The upright arms fit into the drain holes of a sit on top kayak eliminating the need to use a strap to secure. This saves time meaning you can get to the water quicker. The trolley has large all terrain 10” diameter puncture proof tyres which never need to be inflated and are ideal for use on soft sand or uneven ground. The Riber Sit on Top Kayak Trolley has two uprights which can be removed to fold flat for easy storage.  You just unscrew the thumb screws either side to release them. In addition to this the wheels are detachable via a quick release pin. You simply flip up the securing ring to undo the pin holding the wheels in place and remove them.


The Riber Sit on Top Kayak Trolley weighs only 3.3kg so can be taken on your kayak when you’re out on the water. There are high quality rubber protection buffers on the base and foam covers for the uprights to ensure your kayak is safe from scuff and scratches when using this trolley. The Riber Sit on Top Kayak Trolley is a perfect accompaniment to any paddler’s kit and trolleys really can make life getting to the water that little bit easier.



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