Kayak Anchor Cleat

Kayak Anchor Cleat


This kayak cleat is ideal for lots of uses including as a tie off point, an anchor support or to

attach other items, like a buoy to your kayak. This hardened plastic support comes with two

45mm stainless steel Allen head bolts to attach it to your kayak.


The cleats are designed to fitt on top of the motor support fixtures and can be used with or

without the motor support in place. They can be purchased individually or as a pair but

compatible kayaks come designed to hold one on either side of the hull.


Fits the Cruz and Alborán models.




Material: Plastic with stainless steel 45mm Allan bolts

Measurement: Top 16cm x 1cm - Base 10cm x 2.5cm

Weight: 69g




  • High grade hardened plastic cleat
  • 45mm Allan Screws
  • Ideal for Cruz and Alborán models