Gumotex Swing 2

Gumotex Swing 2


Gumotex Swing 2


SWING 2 is a sit-in inflatable kayak great for relaxing trips on many water conditons such as harbours, lakes and even rivers up to Gr. 2 white water. On the sea experienced paddlers can take this easily around the coast but ensure that you are experienced for windier days (>F2) and remain close to shore.


The kayak is supplied with three aluminium reinforcements for improved rigidity of the hull, maneuverability and stability. The reinforcements also shape the deck of the kayak. Thanks to its low weight the kayak is perfect for trips with frequent portages.


The enclosed deck prevents water getting in. 


  • Cockpit with zippers in the bow and stern
  • Kayak reinforcements
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Comfortable seat from PE foam with backrest
  • Rubber ropes for fixation of baggage
  • Grab handles for easy handling
  • Fixture for tracking fin
  • Tracking fin
  • Push-push valves
  • Safety relief valve in the bottom of the boat
  • Repair kit
  • Transport bag made from textile


Length (cm) 402
Width (cm) 87
Weight (kg) 14,3
Max. load (kg) 220
Material NITRILON®
Paddle type Kayak
Max. number of persons 2 persons
Air chambers 3
Packed dimension (cm) 67 x 42 x 30
Max. operation pressure (Mpa / Bar / PSI) 0,02 ⁄ 0,2 ⁄ 3,0
Cardboard box dimension (cm) 70 x 48 x 35


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