Edge 14.5 - rudder (€950)

Edge 14.5 - rudder (€950)


With its slender bow and slim deck profile, the rudder-equipped Edge 14.5 is where elegance and effciency cross paths.  It has just the right amount of chine and keel to make it track well, yet has a swift and versatile character. And to top it all off, it has most of the features of a serious sea kayak.


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  • Product Info

    Stand out Features :

    • Flex 4 Seat 
    • Drytech 
    • 15" Rubber Bow & Stern 
      storage hatch & bulkhead
    • Self Rescue Safety Straps
    • High visibility reflective deck lines


    Length 14’6’’ (4.41m)
    Width 22” (57cm)
    Weight 58.2 lbs (26.4 kg)
    Max Displacement 324 lbs (147 kg)
    Inner Cockpit size inches (cm) 34.3’’ x 16.7’’ (87 x 42.5 cm)
    Outer Cockpit size inches (cm) 37.0’’ x 19.3’’ (94 x 49 cm)
    Cockpit size inches (cm) 30.48 cm
    Béluga Skirt size X- Large
    Ideal paddler size(cm) 190 lbs
  • General Info

    All our kayaks and products carry a two year guarantee on any factory defects. 

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