As of today, we proudly announce that Ritz Marine are the official distributors for Fliteboard in Malta.

Fliteboard have also appointed Ritz Marine as the only authorised service dealer and Fliteschool on the island!

Experience freedom like never before while flying on the water. This is a great addition to your yacht, boat or as a personal watercraft.

Check out our full range of Fliteboards here.

Fliteboard is 100% electric

What is eFoiling?

EFoiling is one of the most fascinating types of watersports and can almost be deemed the “future of watersports.” It provides surfers with spectacular experiences on previously unrideable waves. EFoiling can be done on any body of water, including the ocean, lakes and rivers. You don’t need waves to propel the eFoil since the motor does it for you. Discover rare maritime creatures, explore new rivers and surf ocean waves with your eFoil.

How Does an eFoil Work?

Fliteboard in action

Starting from the bottom, the eFoil has two foil wings — a front and a rear wing. Respectively, these wings create lift and help stabilize the board. Next, the fuselage is a bar that attaches perpendicularly to the mast and wings, creating stability. The wings and fuselage mimic the shape of a paper airplane. 

The electric propeller mounted just above the wings and fuselage propels the board over the water. The mast holds and connects the bottom components to the board, creating enough pressure underneath to lift the board in the air and out of the water.

A rechargeable battery, kept in the board itself, and a virtually silent electric motor powers the eFoil. A handheld wireless remote that connects through Bluetooth operates the eFoil. 

Why Fliteboard?

Experience the Freedom

Flite are continually innovating and developing new technologies that, when scaled, have the potential to create a future of quiet, clean ocean enjoyment and water transport.

Fliteboards are able to carry an 80kg human at foiling speed using less than 700 watts of battery powered electricity. They are quiet above the water, and have an underwater acoustic profile that is significantly less impactful than even the smallest petrol marine motor. They are manufactured to commercial grade and built to last.

‘Fliteboards are possibly the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly powered marine vehicles.’ – David Trewern

Now you can get your Fliteboard in Malta from the local agents, family owned Ritz Marine.

Rest assured that you are in good hands when purchasing Fliteboard. Our trained staff will get you started in no time and our engineering team who are authorised by Fliteboard will ensure that you get the best possible service.

Jetsurf motorised surf board in action

Jetsurf is a brand of motorized surfboard, also known as a motorized surfboard or motorized wakeboard. It is a type of watercraft that allows riders to experience the thrill of surfing or wakeboarding without the need for waves or a boat.

Jetsurf boards are equipped with a small engine and an impeller, which is used to move the board across the water at high speeds. The rider stands on the board and controls its speed and direction using a handheld remote control.

Jetsurf boards come in a variety of models, each designed for different skill levels and intended uses, such as racing or freestyle riding. They are made from high-quality materials, such as carbon fiber, and are known for their durability and performance.

Jetsurfing has become a popular water sport, with competitions held around the world, and many people enjoying the unique experience of riding a motorized surfboard. Read more about Motosurf in the sections below.

How does a Jetsurf work?

Jetsurf flying on the sea

A Jetsurf is a motorized surfboard that is powered by a small engine and an impelle. Here’s how it works:

Overall, a Jetsurf works by combining a small engine, an impeller, and a handheld remote control to create a thrilling motorized surfing experience.

Origin of Jetsurf

Jetsurf is a brand of motorized surfboards that was founded in 2008 by Martin Sula, a Czech engineer and entrepreneur. Sula had been involved in the development of various watercrafts, including motorized canoes and kayaks, but he was looking for a new challenge.

Inspired by the idea of combining surfing with motorized propulsion, Sula set out to design a motorized surfboard that could deliver the performance and excitement of traditional surfing, while also being easy to use and accessible to a wider range of riders.

After several years of research and development, Sula and his team unveiled the first Jetsurf prototype in 2008. The board was an instant success, attracting attention from water sports enthusiasts and investors around the world.

Over the next few years, Sula continued to refine the design and performance of the Jetsurf boards, introducing new models and features that were tailored to the needs of different riders and applications. Today, Jetsurf is recognized as one of the leading brands in the motorized surfboarding industry, with a reputation for innovation, quality, and performance.

While Jetsurf was originally created by Martin Sula and his team in the Czech Republic, the brand has since expanded to include dealers and distributors in over 60 countries around the world. Jetsurf boards are used by recreational riders, professional athletes, and racing teams in a variety of settings, from calm lakes and rivers to open ocean surf.

Jetsurf in Malta

Jetsurfing is gaining popularity in Malta, a small island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. With its crystal-clear waters and stunning coastline, Malta is an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts, and Jetsurfing is no exception.

Jetsurf was introduced in Malta by Steve and Ryan Rizzo (father and son) who are both engineers with a passion for the sea. They went on to form Ritz Marine (coming from their nickname Ritz which is short for Rizzo) who are the sole and only authorised dealers for Jetsurf on the island.

One of the advantages of Jetsurfing in Malta is the range of conditions available. Depending on the location and time of year, you can experience calm, flat water for smooth cruising, or more challenging waves for a thrilling surfing experience. In addition, the warm Mediterranean climate means that Jetsurfing can be enjoyed year-round, with water temperatures averaging around 20-25°C in the summer months.

Jetsurfing in Malta is also a great way to explore the island’s coastline and hidden coves. With a Jetsurf board, you can access areas that are not easily reached by traditional watercraft, and enjoy stunning views of Malta’s cliffs and beaches.

Overall, Jetsurfing in Malta is a unique and exhilarating way to experience the island’s natural beauty and enjoy an exciting water sport. Whether you’re a seasoned Jetsurfing pro or a beginner looking to try something new, Malta’s stunning waters and enthusiastic instructors make it a great destination for Jetsurfing enthusiasts.

Jetsurf or Jetski? How does is compare to a Jetski?

Jetsurfing and jet skiing are two popular water sports that offer their own unique advantages and benefits. Here are a few benefits of Jetsurfing over jet skiing:

Overall, Jetsurfing offers a unique and exciting alternative to jet skiing, with its own set of advantages and benefits. Whether you’re a seasoned water sports enthusiast or a beginner looking for a new challenge, Jetsurfing can be a fun and exhilarating way to enjoy the water.

Motosurf Sport

Motosurf, also known as motorized surfboarding or jetboarding, is a thrilling water sport that combines the excitement of surfing and wakeboarding with the speed and power of a motorized engine.

Unlike traditional surfing or wakeboarding, which require waves or a boat, motosurfing allows riders to carve and glide across the water using a motorized board. The boards are equipped with a small engine and a propeller, which can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour, depending on the model and conditions.

Motosurfing is a relatively new sport, but it has gained popularity in recent years. Many people are attracted to the sport because it offers a unique experience and allows riders to explore new areas and waterways that may not be accessible by boat or other watercraft.

One of the main advantages of motosurfing is that it can be done in a variety of conditions, from calm lakes to choppy seas. This versatility allows riders to practice and improve their skills in different environments, making it a great sport for both beginners and advanced riders.

Jetsurf have dominated the Motosurf series thanks to their advanced boards when compared to the competition. They are truly the lightest and fastest boards in the world. You can read more here.

Overall, motosurfing is a thrilling and exciting water sport that combines speed, power, and skill. It’s a great way to explore the waterways and experience the rush of riding a motorized board.

Should I buy one?

Whether or not to buy a Jetsurf ultimately depends on your personal interests, preferences, and budget. Here are a few things to consider:

Ultimately, if you’re interested in Jetsurfing and have the financial means to purchase a board, it will be a thrilling and rewarding experience. Get in touch with our Jetsurf team at Ritz Marine to view the boards and for more in depth discussions.

ZAR Mini are a world renowned brand in the boating industry and are considered market leaders in their segment. They have been producing dinghies and rhibs since 1979 and make a wide range of boats from 1.8m (FUN 6) all the way up to 40m! ZAR focus on quality over quantity and use the strongest materials and glues on the market as well as the latest welding techniques. ZAR Mini are proudly represented in Malta by Ritz Marine since 2022. Ritz Marine engineers have visited the ZAR production and warehouse complex in March 2023 to learn more about how ZAR operate and to be able to offer a better service to the end customer.

ZAR Advantages


ZAR Mini have a vast experience with inflatable boats and ZAR Formenti manufactures them since 1979.


ZAR’s technical and creative design team is located in Spain, Italy and Germany. They are a true European inflatable boat and RIB manufacturer. As one of the largest brands in the inflatable boating world, ZAR are proud to be located in the European Union, where we have the skills and knowledge to do things the right way.


Every single boat that ZAR manufacture is checked by trained and qualified personal during every step of manufacturing and before sending them out to their dealer net. Like this we ensure perfect quality.


All ZAR models have unique advantages compared with our competitors. Compare them or get in touch with us on [email protected] with any questions.


ZAR are not a company that is hiding in some country without existing law, when there are problems. They are situated in Germany and have 100% German ownership and management.


ZAR are not aiming in selling the most, but producing the best, for our valued customers worldwide. They prefer to develop carefully and precise over fast and furious. ZAR is known all over the world as top quality manufacturer and we from ZAR mini and ZAR Interceptor have ZAR in our DNA.


At the end of your RIB’s life you can give back your boat to your dealer and it will still be worth something as it is made from Aluminum. Unlike fiberglass, Aluminum can be 100% recycled and used for a new ZAR mini or ZAR Interceptor. Trying to leave a small footprint on our beautiful planet.

ZAR MINI in Malta

A wide range of ZAR Mini inflatables are found locally from sock at Ritz Marine Malta. We are located in Marsaskala. Check our exact location and opening hours here before visiting. We will go over a high level overview of the ZAR product range below so that you as a client, can make a better decision on which model to buy.

FUN Series (1.8m – 2.4m)

The FUN series is the ideal inflatable boat for people, who are looking for a reliable but very small foldable boat. It is very easy to assemble and easily stowed away. It comes with a woodem slatted deck which can be rolled up very easily.

The three models in this range are the FUN 6 (1.8m), the FUN 7 (2.1m) and the FUN 8 (2.4m). Their small size makes them ideal as a tender and easy to carry on your car roof with a Handirack. To make loading on your car roof easier we also suggest using a Load Assist mechanism which allows you to roll your dinghy on your car roof with ease.

FUN 6 ZAR Mini Inflatable Dinghy

ALU Series (2.7m – 4.6m)

Next up in the ZAR inflatable boat line up is the aluminium boat range with aluminium floorboard and keel. This range is ideal for people who are looking for a reliable and safe foldable boat which is easy to assemble. The ALU lineup can take engines up to 40HP and easily pull water toys thanks to the two installed D-rings on the transom. With ZAR’s specially designed two speed tubes installed under the main tube of ALU13, ALU14 and ALU15, you will enjoy a very unique fast and comfortable ride.

The ALU range is ideal for a customer that wants to carry more people on his boat. For example, the ALU 10 has a loading capacity of up to 500kg! Picture for reference below.

ZAR ALU 10 in front of our shop in Marsaskala, Malta

ZAR AIR Series (2.4m – 3m)

Next up on the list is the most popular AIR series. These are foldable boats with airdeck and inflatable air keel. These are ideal for people looking for a reliable and small foldable boat which is lightweight and also performs well on the sea thanks to its air keel. Can take up motors of up to 20HP.

The high pressure floor, made in the “drop-stich” processing, can be inflated until 0.8 bar. Together with the air keel, that can be inflated until 0.35 bar, the small ZAR miniTM AIR gets very rigid and planning is easy.

We have chosen the flat double flooring with air keel, because it has the advantage that in comparison to a  V-floor you can still drive, if your high pressure flooring has a leakage. All foldable AIR inflatables from ZAR miniTM have a 5 layer reinforced high quality 1.100 dtex PVC material with a weight of 1.050g/m2  and a thickness of 0.9mm. 

The smallest AIR deck model is the AIR 7 found here, whereas the largest model is the AIR 10, shown here.

ZAR AIR 7 in action

ZAR RIB Series (2.4m – 5m)

Here is where we start getting into what ZAR is really famous for. Their famous RIB design is in use practically world wide and has pushed ZAR success to great lengths. The RIB line  has two versions. RIB LITE and RIB DL with double floor and bow locker. RIB 8 and RIB 9 fit a 12l fuel tank. RIB10-12 fit a 24l fuel tank in the bow locker. RIB LITE are weight optimized without bow locker or flat double flooring.

Due to the very light aluminum hull it can go very fast and plan easily with a smaller engine. The hull will not face any problems like a fiberglass hull. It will also last longer and not become heavier during use. The hull are made of special aluminium and powder coated to resist corrosion and saltwater. You will have a lot of fun with your ZAR mini™ RIB.

All ZAR mini™ RIB inflatables are also available in CSM (formally known as HypalonTM from DuPontTM) with a special design. Please ask your ZAR mini™ dealer, for further details. CSM lasts much longer than PVC and is more resistant toward UV light, acid, alkalis, saltwater, heat and cold. We use HypatexTM that is one on the best material on the world market today. It has been manufactured since 60 years.

The LITE line features are shown below on the RIB 8 LITE. This model features 2mm aluminium hull and a V hull making it easy to plane on the sea.

The RIB series also comes with a blow locker and double floor. These models boast an aluminium hull with 3mm thickness. The models range from the RIB 8 DL up to 22 feet such as the RIB 22. Below you can see some features from the Rib 18 SC.

The RIB range comes with a large variety of accessories which you can pick and place according to your preference.

ZAR LUX Series (3.5m – 5.5m)

The ultimate boats by ZAR mini are the LUX series, designed and finished off with a luxury look and feel. Our beautiful ZAR mini™ LUX line has different sizes and versions to offer. All boats are equipped with a bow locker and a flat double flooring. The design of the hull and cockpit is self-draining. Standard equipment includes the Teak design PU floor, a bow cushion, bow backrest, bow step plate, keel-guard, bimini holder, luxury steering console and a reinforced hull.

The Lux 12 is the smallest model in this wheraas whereas the LUX 18 is the largest. Take a look at some photos below.


We discussed the full range available locally from premium brand ZAR Mini. As ZAR dealers we are here to help you along your boating journey and ensure you get the best boat for your needs! Get in touch with us on [email protected] for further enquiries .

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